Meet our talented local artists.  Artizen Outlet is a home base for talented fine artists and fine craftspeople and a great way to obtain unique gifts and fine art for your home.

Artist Ken Rowland

Ken Rowland

Award winning watercolorist specializes in capturing the beauty of regional landscapes and architecture.

Art by Ken Rowland

©Ken Rowland

Ken Rowland 

Artist Nicholas McRae

Nicholas McRae

Nicholas McRae is a writer and an artist who specializes in faux wraought iron and stained glass.  He has been working with faux wrought iron for over 10 years and stained glass for 5years.

Art by Nicholas McRae

©Nicholas McRae

Nicholas McRae

Artist Kayla Barker

Kayla Barker

Award winning photographer, Kayla Barker has been created encaustic art pieces using her photographs and wax.

Encaustic by Kayla Barker

© Kayla Barker

Artist Rick Lambeth

Rick Lambeth

Rick Lambeth grew up in Odessa and Gardendale, TX.  He graduated from Texas Tech with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design Communications. Rick has worked as the Senior Art Director / Graphic Designer at ADMARC, in Midland, from 1985 to 2014.  Mixed media work is his current stream of art with a little pop art thrown in for good measure.

Art by Rick Lambeth

©Rick Lambeth

Artist Sara Drescher Braswell

Sara Drescher Braswell

Award winning artist, Sara Drescher Braswell, uses Christian symbolism to tell a story in her artwork.

Art by Sara Drescher Braswell

©Sara Drescher Braswell

Gourd art by Joann Youngblood

©Joann Youngblood

Joann, and her husband John, have a talent for painting humble gourds to resemble exquisite Native American pottery and masks.

Gourd art by Joann Youngblood

©Joann Youngblood

folk art horse

©Colores Del Pueblo

Colores Del Pueblo works with artisans in third world countries to help create cottage industries that provide safety, education, and living expenses.  This also creates an incentive to continue their cultural craft traditions.

Colores Del Pueblo

Colores Del Pueblo


Artist Connie Glinsmann

Connie Glinsmann

Connie Glinsmann uses her love of art, beautiful papers, vintage and found things to create one- of- a- kind paper creations and wearable art.

Jewelry by Connie Glinsmann

©Connie Glinsmann

Artist Christina Head

Christina Head

Christina Head creates one-of-a-kind items by covering containers and shapes with vintage metal zippers of all colors and sizes.

Christina Head boxes
Artist Amy Becker

Amy Becker

Amy Becker has a passion for the outdoors and the West.  Her photography reflects these passions as she strives to capture the spirit of the West.

Art by Amy Becker

©Amy Becker

Artist Erin Hart

Erin C. Hart

Erin Hart uses gold and silver leaf with paint and a unique epoxy finish to create her minimal abstracts.

Art by Erin Hart

©Erin C. Hart

Artist Dee Kemp

Dee Kemp

While Dee Kemp has a degree in engineering, she expresses her creative mind in her watercolors.  She is active in Midland’s Palette Club and strives to paint scenes that she can ‘bring to life.’

Painting by Dee Kemp

©Dee Kemp

Artist Bobbie Moore

Bobbie Moore

Award winning sculptor, Bobbie Moore, has studied sculpture in Texas and Colorado.  “My goal as a sculptress is to achieve a style that expresses the essence, personality and temperament of the subject, whether it is human or animal.”

Art by Bobbie Moore

© Bobbie Moore

Artist Sue Roberson

Sue Roberson

Sue Roberson creates her mixed media pieces by using current app technology to manipulate photographs and then layering traditional paints and inks on top.

Art by Sur Roberson

©Sue Roberson

Artist Cheryl Roush

Cheryl Roush

Cheryl Roush is an award winning realist artist who paints mainly in oils.  She has a bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and an Associates degree in Photography from the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver.
She has a passion to paint animals and the landscapes of the Southwest.

Art by Cheryl Roush

©Cheryl Roush

Cheryl Roush

Artist Leslie Slaughter

Leslie Slaughter

Leslie Slaughter has been using glass as her art medium for several years.  The beauty of glass has always held a fascination for her, but she is accomplished and award winning in more traditional forms of art as well.

Glass art by Leslie Slaughter

©Leslie Slaughter

Artist Wayne Stratton

Wayne Stratton

Wayne Stratton’s photography has been featured in many recent Oil magazines, such as the “The American Oil and Gas Reporter,” IPAA, NALTA, and a special edition of “Fortune Magazine.”

Photo by Wayne Stratton

©Wayne Stratton

Artist Mary Tucci

Mary Tucci

Mary Tucci is an award winning artist who hopes to bring a moment of pleasure to her viewers through her artistic endeavors.

Art by Mary Tucci

©Mary Tucci

Artist Jo Turner

Jo Turner

Jo Turner creates unique and beautiful mosaics to add artful whimsy to your home.

Mosaic by Jo Turner

©Jo Turner

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Karen Tenny

Karen Tenny

Karen Tenny creates whimsical and exotic scenes and jewelry from polymer clay.

Art by Karen Tenny

©Karen Tenny

©Georgeann Herzog Walton

©Georgeann Herzog Walton

Georgeann Herzog Walton creates art pieces full of color and wonder.  She has worn many hats as an artist and also loves to teach art to children

Painting by artists Georgeann Herzog

©Georgeann Herzog